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Mac WebDAV File Transfer Issues

The issues with WebDAV and the transfer of a file with a size of 800bytes on a Mac will fail to transfer. However follow this guide to help get around the issue.

Without a doubt the issue of transferring files on a Mac when using WebDAV is a pain. Especially if like me you were keen to use the BTT SD / TF Cloud on your Apple Mac for wirelessly transferring files to the 3D printer. Consequentially you may have come across the following issue. Where as smaller files transfer fine albeit slowly, files of around 800 bytes would take forever and then fail.

However be reassured it is not a fault with the BTT Cloud device. But instead the way Mac’s operating system (OSX) handles WebDAV. Presumably Apple deems it as an insecure network. Especially when not used with SSL encryption. Regardless of the problem, it causes a major issue with wirelessly sending files to the 3D printer. Or any other WebDAV device for that matter.

Nonetheless there is a piece of software that can be used to transfer the files via WebDAV and at a much faster speed. But what is this wondrous software? It is a program normally used for reaching remote servers such as a web hosting server. But it also has the facility for handling WebDAV quickly and efficiently. Importantly it is free. However I would urge users to support the developer, and is available to purchase from the Apple App Store on your Mac. Coincidentally its icon is also a duck, so BIGTREE-TECH users will feel at home.

Cyberduck Software Icon


A wonderful work around for the WebDAV file transfer issues on the Mac is Cyberduck. Moreover this software is super easy to setup and works like a dream. Firstly begin by downloading the free software from https://cyberduck.io or purchase from the Mac App Store.

screenshot of cyberduck software adding a new bookmark to fix the Mac WebDAV File Transfer Issues

With the software downloaded and the app launched click on + icon towards the bottom left to create a new bookmark.

screenshot of Cyberduck software and webdav connection type to fix the Mac WebDAV File Transfer Issues

Next a new window will open, from the scroll down option at the top, select webDAV (HTTP). Within the Server option type in the IP address of the BTT Cloud or any other webDAV device. Leave the port number set to 80, and click on the Anonymous Login option so the tick is shown. Now close the window by clicking on the red circle on the top left.

screenshot of the newly created webDAV bookmark within Cyberduck software.

Now on the Cyberduck software’s main window there will be the new bookmark you just created. Double click on the book mark which looks like a disk drive.

screenshot of Cyberduck software webDAV file listing where you can drag and drop files

Thats it all done, now you can simply drag and drop your files over the Cyberduck file listings and it will copy the file over via webDAV. But reliably and much faster than the default Apple Mac file system.

screenshot of Cyberduck software webDAV transfer test

Not satisfied I decided to transfer a 141.MB STL file and a 49MB G-code file just to make sure. Importantly both transferred, although the STL file was not viewable for some reason. But it had wirelessly transferred to the memory card on the BTT SD Cloud via webDAV. Nonetheless the 49MB G-code worked and was viewable from the 3D printers LCD menu.

Support the Developer

screenshot of support developer message on Cyberduck software

It would be awesome to support the developer of Cyberduck and I know for me, it saves me time not only wirelessly transferring the files to the 3D printer. But also on maintaining this website. Moreover the Cyberduck software is on my software to purchase list.

Available from either https://cyberduck.io or purchase from the Mac App Store.

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