screenshot of SKR E3 DIP configuration for Platform.ini file set to STM32F103RC_btt_512K_USB

SKR E3 DIP Marlin 2 Setup Part 1

Setting up the SKR E3 DIP V1.0 or V1.1 with Marlin 2 maybe daunting for new comers. However, to make life easier we have created the SKR E3 DIP Marlin 2 Setup guide.

Naturally when you start to write guides they can sometimes get particularly long. Moreover in order to make the guide as easy as possible, I have split the guides into three parts. Furthermore Software and PlatformIO forms Part 1, Configuration.h is covered in Part 2. While Configuration_adv is covered in Part 3. Additionally below you will find links to each part of the guide, enabling you to get straight to the section you need.

SKR E3 DIP Marlin 2 Setup Guide
Let’s Get Started

Let’s Begin

Without a doubt it all has to begin somewhere, and in this instance it’s with the software. So download the software listed below, make yourself a drink and let’s begin.


Download Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio for running PlatformIO – Available for PC, Mac and Linux.

screenshot of searching within Microsoft Visual Code for the plugin called PlatformIO which is used to configure Marlin 2 3d printer firmware

PlatformIO is installed within Microsoft Visual Studio (MVS) so no need to download it.

Within MVS click on the icon that looks like building blocks. You will then see a search bar. Inside the search bar type in PlatformIO. As a result, a list will be shown, simply click on PlatformIO IDE and to the right the information will be displayed. Furthermore click on install and let it doe its thing. Additionally you may need to close and restart MVS after the installation has taken place.

Download Marlin Firmware

Latest Non-Bugfix release of Marlin 2 Firmware –

Once you have downloaded Marlin 2, place the folder in a good place on your computer that is easy to find. My Documents is usually a good bet.

However if you are a Mac user, you a better placing the Marlin 2 folder within Pictures, or Movies. Moreover the cloud drive for the Desktop and Documents can cause errors when compiling. Especially if the files are not downloaded from the cloud quick enough whilst compiling the firmware.

screenshot of PlatformIO welcome page with quick access options such as open project used to import Marlin 2 3d printer firmware into PlatformIO

From within MVS click on the Ants head to the left hand side. However if you have just loaded MVS and it is not showing, give it a little while as sometimes it can take a little longer to load.

Nonetheless a Welcome to PlatformIO screen will appear once loaded. Furthermore on the welcome screen towards the right hand side, just under the Quick Access label is an Open Project option, click on Open Project.

screenshot of the open PlatformIO Project window where you look for the latest Marlin 2 3d printer firmware download files and select the folder that has the platform.ini file inside.

As a result of clicking Open Project a new window will appear, this window allows you to find your Marlin 2 firmware folder. Moreover search for and find the folder you stored the latest Marlin 2 files into. Furthermore ensure the folder you open contains the platformio.ini file, once located the button normally turns blue. Now click on the button Open Marlin 2.

screenshot of hidden 3D printer firmware or workspace within PlatformIO. This is revealed or expanded by left clicking on the line saying 3d printer firmware

To find your files within MVS you use the explore icon that looks like paper files. If you can see the name of the folder but no files underneath, then click on the folder name to make the files visible.

Let’s Get Started

At this point, we are assuming you have PlatformIO installed within Microsoft Visual Studio (MVS). Please note, that if you are using ATOM it no longer supports Marlin firmware, so you will need to start using MVS or an supported alternative.

Undoubtedly like most configuration setups, installing the SKR E3 DIP with Marlin 2 is not a particularly hard task, it just can get somewhat mundane and repetitive. Furthermore the more you use the Marlin firmware, the easier it becomes. Nonetheless if you are new to the process, follow the guides step by step and you will be fine.

The SKR E3 DIP Installing Marlin 2 guide is a guide to help get you going with the specifics needed for the SKR E3 DIP 3D printer mainboard. While not intended as a full guide on Marlin 2. However it does cover key elements for installing the SKR E3 DIP on a Creality Ender 3 or Ender 3 Pro.


screenshot of platformio and the platformio.ini file within Microsoft visual code, setting the environment build for marlin 2 firmware for the SKR E3 DIP as env_default = STM32F103RC_btt_512K_USB

Firstly select the platformio.ini file so that we can begin editing. Todo this click on the platformio.ini file displayed in the explore section. Furthermore the right hand side of the screen will show the contents of the selected file. Naturally the right hand side of the screen becomes a text editor. Thus allowing the files to bed edited and saved.

So that the firmware can be created correctly the chipset on the 3D printer board needs to be defined. Moreover this is a single line that needs changing within the platformio.ini file. Importantly the chipset used to define the SKR E3 DIP is the STM32F103RC_btt.

However there are a few options for this chipset. But most users will want to use the USB port. Furthermore I have had no issues with using the 512K EEPROM option. Consequentially this guide will use the STM32F103RC_btt_512K_USB option.

Nonetheless the environment default (env_default) option should be easy to spot, and is normally around line 24.

Begin by change the line starting with env_default.

env_default = STM32F103RC_btt_512K_USB

Throughout editing the Marlin 2 firmware for the SKR E3 DIP you will need to regularly save the adjustments made. While you can use the mouse to go uptown the top of the screen. Then click File, then Save. However it is far quicker to use shortcuts.

Mac – Press the CMD (⌘) and the S key at the same time.
PC – Press the Ctrl and the S key at the same time.

Without a doubt that was quick and painless, now the real fun starts with the SKR E3 DIP Marlin 2 setup guide. Furthermore the next file for editing is the Configuration.h file.

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