photograph of the packaging of the BIQU H2 Extruder

BIQU H2 Extruder First looks

A quick glimpse and first looks at the tiny direct drive H2 extruder from BIQU. Let’s discover what lays inside the packaging for this latest direct drive extruder from BIQU.

This product has been sent with the kind generosity of BIQU for the purpose of testing.

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photograph of the BIQU H2 Direct Feed Extruder and its size compared to a PP3 battery.

Without a doubt the first impression one gets from the BIQU H2 direct drive extruder is its size. Especially when compared to the size of an PP3 9v battery.

Package contents of the BIQU H2 Extruder

Furthermore delving deeper into the packaging reveals a cartridge 100k thermistor and 40w heating element. Also there is the heatsink fan, its protective cover and Allen key’s. But sadly no spanners. Although there is the renowned BIGTREE-TECH Yellow Duck.

photograph of the 7:1 gears of the BIQU H2 direct drive extruder

While the size of the BIQU H2 direct drive extruder is impressive. So too is the reported 7:1 gear ratio and torque of 770mN.m. Which when combined with its total weight of 219g should provide some satisfying results. But with a whopping 932 steps per mm at 16 microsteps. How well the 3D printer mainboard performs with the high stepping rate, only time will tell.

Nonetheless supplied with a Capricorn XS PTFE lined heat break, the BIQU H2 has a reported temperature limit of 260˚C. Also there will be an optional upgrade to a full metal throat. Increasing the temperature range up to 500˚C.

Importantly for those with pet birds in the home it should not be use at 250˚C or higher. For further information on the use of Capricorn PTFE tubing. Have a read of Capricorn’s guide to print safety temperatures at

Side view of the BIQU H2 extruder, its output gear and heater block

Interestingly the BIQU H2 features a rather uniquely shaped heater block. While housing a standard fit 5mm diameter by 20mm length heating element and cartridge thermistor. It is the chamfering and curved outlines that makes it stand out.

Without a doubt the old saying of the proof is in the pudding remains true. But while I wait for some amendments to the mounting plates to be printed. The anticipation and excitement continues to grow. I for one can’t wait to see the results.

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