Toaiot Filament Spool Holder

Manufactured from metal, does the adjustable filament spool holder from Toaiot bring something new to the 3D printing world? Let’s find out in this review of the Toaiot Filament Spool Holder.

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Undoubtedly this isn’t going to be a long review. Nonetheless a filament spool holder is often an overlooked part of printing 3D parts and models smoothly. Moreover if the filament spool clunks around on the spool holder or has too much tension. Then this will likely cause inconsistent extrusion. Thus the print can have visible over and under extrusion issues on the print itself. As the flow of filament simply isn’t smooth enough. Instead it could be tugging and tugging at the filament until all of a sudden there is slack in the line. For this reason alone you can see how this tug of war, caused by a poor quality filament spool holder can play havoc on consistent print quality.

Nonetheless the first thought process in remedying a poor filament spool holder is to print one. Without a doubt this is an excellent idea, with many examples on Thingiverse and other model sharing websites. So why would you purchase a filament spool holder?

Firstly you may print at higher temperatures within a heated enclosure, where the metal design of the Toaiot Filament Spool Holder makes perfect sense. Additionally you may just prefer to purchase a filament spool holder for its cosmetic value. But as the Toaiot Filament Spool Holder is available with free and often next day delivery for Amazon Prime members. As a result you may decide that it is a quick and effortless approach to solving an issue with your existing spool holder.


Toaiot Filament Spool Holder.
Adjustable Spool Holder Width:33-72mm.
Material Type:Stand: Aluminium or Steel
Bearing Covers: Plastic ?

First Impression

photograph of Toaiot filament spool holder in its packaging
photograph of the coating removed from the Toaiot filament spool holder

Sadly and despite being wrapped in bubble wrap the metal plates had some of their coating removed in a few spots, which is a shame. Nonetheless the aluminium spool holder assembly, is well cut with no burring which is good to see. Furthermore the bearings initially seem fine when spung between the fingers.


photograph of the Toaiot filament spool holder parts

Undoubtedly with the individual components laid out, it isn’t going to take much time to assemble the Toaiot Filament Spool Holder.

photograph of the bearing assembly for the Tpaiot filament spool holder

However during assembly there is a little issue with the bearings. While some turn very freely when screwed into position, others don’t move at all. Not even adding a 5mm washer helps alleviate the issue. As a result the retaining screw needs loosening so the bearing can rotate. But applying some Loctite on the loosened screws is needed to prevent them from unscrewing when in use.

photograph of assembling base plates of the Toaiot filament spool holder

Despite being supplied with four socket cap screws, only two are required to affix the base plates together. Importantly the threading used on the outer plate is cleanly cut and the screws threads on perfectly.

If you find that the holder won’t adjust wide enough for the spool. Then remove the socket cap screws completely and use the other threaded holes for retaining the plates together.

attaching foam pads to bottom of filament spool holder

Finally place the foam feet onto the underside of the base plate and the Toaiot Filament Spool Holder is assembled


Once assembled you quickly realise that realigning the spool holder needs two hands. However it would have been nice to have seen a worm drive design to allow single handed adjustment. Additionally the worm drive mount would have also allowed for the base, to feature pre-drilled mounting holes for flush mounting to an enclosure.

Nonetheless the Toaiot Filament Spool Holder performs well with no inconsistent extrusions nor binding issues. Hower the spool holder only works well if Loctite is used on the loosened screws. Consequentially Toaiot needs to address the two issues with the Filament Spool Holder.

Firstly the bearing issues which is a big problem needs addressing. Without the Loctite fix and being able to securely attach the bearings. The filament spool holder becomes unusable.

Secondly the coating needs deeper layers and a protective layer. Especially as users will be unhappy in receiving a product with the coating removed.

A point of note, currently the Toaiot Filament Spool Holder is only available on the Amazon UK website. However Toaiot will be gradually increasing their availability to serve other countries. So keep an eye out.

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