photograph of MW110-15DBL digital callipers laid onto of the packaging

Moore and Wright digital calliper MW110-15DBL

Moore and Wright a digital calliper with an accuracy that far exceeds its price point. Let’s find out why this digital calliper is the tool of the week.

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In short, if like me you only use digital callipers for measuring the odd thing around the home and 3D projects. Then the price of some quality digital callipers quickly becomes a choking point. Especially when looking at the awesome Mitutoyo range of callipers. Although in the last year I have previously purchased two cheap digital callipers. As a result the total amount I have spent on callipers would amount to the same as the Mitutoyo MIT500-196-30.

Nonetheless I am still budget conscious at the moment. However I’m happy with my latest purchase of the MW110-15DBL digital calliper from Moore and Wright. Moreover the repeatability and accuracy of these far exceed my other digital callipers at a similar price point.

photograph of the MW110-15DBL digital callipers from Moore and Wright inside the packaging

While supplied with instructions and specifications the MW110-15DBL is shipped in a plastic case that’s perfectly adequate for storing the digital callipers.

Specifications:Moore and Wright digital calliper MW110-15DBL
Measuring Range:150mm (6″) .
Resolution:0.01mm (0.0005″).
Accuracy:±0.02mm (±0.001″).
Repeatability:0.01mm (0.001″).
Display:LCD 10.0mm high.
Battery:3C CR2032 Lithium.
Battery Life:approx 1 year.
Measuring Speed:3m per second (120″ per second)
Working Temperature:0-40˚C (32-104˚F)
Relative Humidity:<80%.
Storage Temperture-10˚C – 40˚C (14-104˚F)

Importantly the sliding motion of the MW110-15DBL’s slide bar is so much smoother than my other digital callipers. Furthermore the jaws are clean, evenly cut with no burring or light visible through the jaw blades. Without a doubt the initial impression of the Moore and Wright digital calliper is very good.

Furthermore turning on the digital callipers reveals the non-backlit LCD that is fairly easy to read. But it is not the largest or brightest of displays. While replacing the pre-fitted battery is fiddly. Nonetheless it did bring some of the brightness back.

Additionally measurements are recorded in either mm’s or inches. But there is no fraction measurements for the old school. Nonetheless the Moore and Wright MW110-15DBL digital callipers can record in Absolute or incremental mode. Although there is a 0.01mm recording difference between the two modes. However I find the relative mode more to my taste.

photograph with a representation of the accuracy of the MW110-15DBL digital callipers from Moore and Wright
Representation of accuracy.

Particularly impressive is the MW110-15DBL repeatability. Moreover measurement after measurement the readout is exactly the same, with no differential. While the accuracy was tested against a feeler gauge and the measurement recorded is spot on. However the above picture is a representation of the MW110-15DBL accuracy. Despite numerous attempts I couldn’t take the picture at the same time as using the callipers.

Without a doubt I am super happy about the Moore and Wright MW110-15DBL digital callipers. So much so I thought I would share my above thoughts on them. Furthermore if you think these digital callipers are fort you, then please consider purchasing them via the affiliate link below. Moreover it all helps to keep the Make ‘N’ Print website running. As always thanks for reading and keep well.

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