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How to export Fusion 360 files and projects easily

Without a doubt the manual method of selecting each Fusion 360 projects or files and then export is a chore. But thankfully there is a very easy method.

Clearly the latest announcements from Autodesk has caused a fair bit of disturbance. While this isn’t something that worries myself. Nonetheless being able to keep an offline backup of all the files and projects is always useful.

screenshot of author of fusion 360 master export

Thankfully Justin Nesselrotte has created a script that will take the hard work out of this mundane task. Moreover the automated script will automatically open the projects and their files to export from Fusion 360. Furthermore the script will export f3d, igs, stl, stp, and dxf file formats at the same time. Importantly it will also export all the individual components into their own STL’s and sketches into individual dxf files.


If you have not installed a script before into Autodesk’s Fusion 360, worry not. Moreover the installation is super easy.

First download the script file from Justin Nesselrotte GitHub page and open the zip file.

screenshot of fusion 360 scripts and add-ins window option

Secondly open Fusion 360 without any files open, and press the SHIFT key and the S key together. However sometimes it can take a while for the window to appear. Furthermore with the Scripts and Add-Ins window open click the green + icon at the end of My Scripts.

screenshot of fusion 360 scripts and add-ins window option selecting a script to install

Now find the folder where you extracted Justin Nesselrotte’s Fusion 360 Total Exporter and click open.

screenshot of fusion 360 scripts and add-ins window option new script installed

Importantly all being well you should see the Fusion 360 Total Export script now listed under My Scripts. Select the script by left clicking on the name and click on the Run button. Finally another window will open, this window is where you want to store the exported files too. Once you have created a folder or selected a location simply click on Open.

fusion 360 export files script by Justin Nesselrotte running on its own.

Thats it, simply put the kettle on, go for lunch and let it do its thing. Moreover it couldn’t be any simpler to export Fusion 360 projects and files. Importantly a big thanks goes to Justin Nesselrotte’s and his awesome Fusion 360 Total Export script.

final result of automated exporting of Fusion 360 files and projects

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